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This scene is all about being an 'emo' kid and a metalcore kid at the same time. If you like both genres of music then you are etrEMO.

extrEMO kids don't have to follow the normal 'emo' rules in terms of dress sense, depression and stuff. The main thing is that you be yourself and not a veiled, shallow and vain stereotype. You don't HAVE to cry, you don't HAVE to pretend to be Bi all the time. There's just one rule:

+Be true to yourself+
Examples of bands who are extrEMO:
+Bullet For My Valentine+
+Eighteen Visions+
+Shotgun Passion+
+Funeral For a Friend+

Ok you get the idea... Now the image:

As extrEMO is a mixture between the two scenes your image has got to include both.

*Detailed hair with artistic streaks of highlights*
*Tight Jeans*
*Tight trousers*
*Band tee's*
*Heavy scarves*
Ok thats just like a rough idea of some of the clothes you can wear. Just remember to look good and feel good.

There's alot of fashioncore involved also.

...:: Oh my God are you 'emo'? ::...
:::No, i'm part of the unique extrEMO scene:::
by Mikey Sorrow August 30, 2005
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