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Derived from beer goggles--while trapped a work surrounded by almost all unattractive people, someone has one redeeming attractive quality that elevates them to a much higher attractiveness status than they would in other environments.
Bob: Wow, Sally is hot, look at those legs!!
Bill: Yeah, she's cute at best if we're in a bar, but here at work she's the cat's meow compared to all the other ugly women.
Bob: I hear ya, my work goggles are playing games with me!!
by Mikey Mozzeltoff May 10, 2007
What unattractive girls do to try to divert the attention from their ugly face to their chest. Women wear low cut/v cut shirts, push up bras, and lots of cleavage attached to a head/face that looks like its been beaten with an ugly stick.
Joe: Holy cow, that 40 year old looks like she's Pamela Anderson below her neck. Her chest is huge! She's hot!

Mike: Dude, don't fall for the titstraction--her face looks worse than your hairy arse!
by Mikey Mozzeltoff August 10, 2007

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