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Mikey can be used in a variety of ways.
This word is derived from the 'buckys' of Grandville. Also known as the buckets of Grandville or simply known as the crackheads on the block.
The reason the word or name 'Mikey' is substituted for the word bucket, crackhead or simply bucky is because a large population of the crackheads birth given names are Mikey.
Mikey is also used as a Noun for crackheads in the Grandville area in Hamilton, ON.
It can also be used as an adjective.
Used as a Noun: "Yo. That Mikey over there trippin'. We aint made a sale from him in a minute."

Used as an Adjective: "You being a fuckin' Mikey right now."

Another Adjective: "I'm Mikeying the fuck OUT off this weed mane. This shit is crazy."
by Mikey Mikester January 05, 2011

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