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The state of being tired, hungry, and angry at the same time. Long periods of Hanger can lead to Tihanger. This is also linked to Tanger, which is a state that can make way to Tihanger as well.
Man, I woke up this morning and I was SO tihangry!
by Mikey G September 10, 2003
When you've passed the point of tanger and have moved onto a killing rage. This is usually brought on by being angry due to lack of sleep, and encountering one or several insufferable individuals. Since there seems to be no shortage of insufferable individuals, one can only assume a lot of people are tangry, if not tihomicidal.
I was wallowing in tanger when Joe asked me if my panties were in a bunch. I then commited tihomicide.
by Mikey G September 12, 2003
1.)A slang term meaning a lesbian.
2.)A term referring to someone's lesbian tendencies.
1.)Check that Tuna Helper out!
2.)I bet if you looked in her purse, you'd find a box of Tuna Helper.
by Mikey G September 10, 2003
The ass, the anus, the poop chute, the bosco boulevard, the hershey highway, the bunghole, the browneye, the colon, poop tube, shit storage, etc.
Mark loves it when he slaps peanut butter on his asshole and spreads his cheeks for Rover.
by Mikey G October 03, 2003
1. By true definition, the idea of caring enough about your country to criticize it.
2. Caring enough about one's country to be outraged at the utter violation of civil rights perpetrated by the government.
3. A concept used by right-wing fundamentalists to justify their egregious civil liberties violations and war-mongering nature.
The only true patriots are the liberals who CARE about the people in this country.
by Mikey G October 09, 2003
hilliest area in the northeast where every male student wears a thong... and put a college there.
man,you go to bentley college? that's gay.
by mikey g February 27, 2005
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