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Stands for Testicularly Retarded Loungelizard. Referring to the onetime host, Cartoon Daily. Means a sleazy corporate assmuncher, who only has balls when he is far, far away from his MTV building. Up until that point, he slurps MTV's big, fat corporate sausage until it pokes out his ass.
Did you see YET ANOTHER shitty mallpunk/shitpop/whiningweasel band on TRL? Man, I almost crapped a Cessna.
by Mikey G September 11, 2003
When two males try to bugger each other, or the act of one man getting his poop chute plundered by another dude's schlizzong.
Ja Rule loves the gay buttsex
by Mikey G October 20, 2003
The true, secret name of the Backstreet Boys. Considering that Behind The Music That Sucks has already outed them as a band of merry pretenders, there isn't much more to say. But, I will anyway. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality, per say, but one should not masquerade a bunch of prepubescent little pillow-biters as a heterosexual pop band with talent. They should let everyone know how little talent they have.
Yuck, I saw the Backdoor Boys on TRL, and BOY were they talentless!
by Mikey G September 11, 2003
The entire span of a male's genitals as a whole. Instead of the seperatist 'cock and balls', the zen pronunciation would not include the spatial demarcations between the words, allowing the phrase to flow when spoken, into a state of oneness.
I heard Lewie got punched in the cockandballs by Baby's tongue while he slept.
by Mikey G October 20, 2003
An idea of someone's level of nerdiness, probably created by a NERD.
Nerds! The nerd level of this word is 10!!!
by Mikey G October 31, 2003
1. Someone who regularly submits definitions to UrbanDictionary.com.
2. Someone who regularly uses words defined in UrbanDictionary.com.
1. You've got so many definitions up there, you're a certified urbandictionaryite!
2. Guy 1: The hangry chupacabra got crunked on beer.
Guy 2: You're one hell of an urbandictionaryite.
by Mikey G October 03, 2003
1.) What one would call an individual with no ass in lieu of the word asshole.
2.) What a man whose back goes straight into the back of his knees would have instead of an asshole.
1.) That kid is such a backhole!
2.) Aaaah, shove it up your backhole!
by Mikey G September 16, 2003

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