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She Tried To Tick Us With A Trick Question But Actually Ticked Herself

people who are exceptionally sad. (you know who you are) and decided to make up 'shortened' versions of phrases no-one uses but definately needs.
Fred: ''Haha she totally STTTUWATQBATH''
John: ''You twat. NOBODY SAYS THAT!''
Fred: ''I do.''
fair enough

used online, when one is trying to be cool, but actually looks like a twat. (me)

Aliero: what?
Fraaaaaaaaaaan: minty.
Aliero: oh, fe.
Go With The Flow

another stupid word made up in maths. this time not in laughter at our maths teacher, who, when told laughed and said not to put her name.
Kevin (!): dude, I dont know.
Lily and alice: GWTF!
hand sanitizer

deriving from yet another maths convo.
Alice: check out my new hand sanitizer!
Lily: WOAH! lube in a tube!
Pretty Damn Cool.

when something is... pretty damn cool.
Darren: man this new game is pdc!
Gregorio: yep. it is.
very stupid.

see n00b newb

embroidered version of newb, descending from n00b.

Lily: 100 divided by 20, thats 0.2 right?
Alice: you uber newb.
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