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A highly educated black person that thinks OJ Simpson is innocent of double homicide. No amount of evidence will convince them that OJ Simpson killed his wife even if it was caught on surveillence video. To them, it will always be the racist LAPD that set him up by tainting the evidence. Even if OJ admitted he killed his wife and Ron Goldman, they would believe he was drugged and tricked into a confession by law enforcement.
Damn, these 'Simpson Negroes' will never believe OJ Simpson is guilty of murder no matter how educated they are.
by Mikey Boyer July 17, 2011
When a fat, ugly woman with a lot of money still looks like Oprah Winfrey. It doesn't matter how many face lifts or fancy clothes or jewelery she wears, she still looks like the maid or the cook.
That woman suffers from the Oprah Syndrome, she has a lot of money but she still looks like the fat smelly maid.
by Mikey Boyer July 02, 2011
A person that always lets you know that they're jewish no matter the topic of the conversation. Normally a dried up, puffy faced, old jew with
purple blotches on their heads that worships money, gold and jewelry. They also believe they are the 'chosen ones'.
Geez, there isn't a day that goes by that this guy doesn't mention he's a jew, or gives a jewish expression 'oy vey, chutzpah', something to remind you on a daily basis that he is jewish. Damn, I gotta listen to this shit everyday. He's a typical Billy Crystal Jew.
by Mikey Boyer September 30, 2013
An unsophisticated black man with absolutely no class whatsoever. A black man that will wear

sneakers and a twisted hat to a black tie event. They find it impossible to speak intelligently,

will always speak in ebonics and use past tenses, no matter the subject of conversation. You

can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can never take the ghetto out of the man.
Did you see Russell Simmons wearing the football jersey over his black tie and tuxedo? What a ghetto clown that guy is!
by Mikey Boyer October 24, 2013
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