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Slutsauce is the juices and/or residues that are left after any sort of activity with a slut. Slutsauce may include, but is not limited to: saliva, vaginal secretions, anal secretions, sweat, tears, and blood and any combination of the fluids. Slutsauce can also be commonly recognized by the foul aroma that generally comes with sluts.
~Smeary residue left on glasses after a lap dance from a stripper. "That stripper left slutsauce all over your specs."
~That cause of the terrible stain you left on your best friends bed, that was caused by his girlfriend, that you just got done fucking. "Dave your girlfriend got slutsauce all over your pillow, my apologies, but don't feel bad she is great at anal"
~Period blood on your pants (as in Superbad)

by Mikey B. "Gremlin" June 11, 2008

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