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95 definitions by Mikey

to finger a girl with Two in the stick one in the pink
Derek duffed Dana so hardcore
by Mikey December 01, 2004
Condition Zero League

A small league of gamers based on the counter-strike condition zero modification of the popular half-life game. Run by a 15 year old kid out of Canada who has a complete misconception as to how the world works and has stolen most all of his ideas from CAL. One of the most poorly run leagues in all of E-Sports and a complete compliment to the way GameSurge is run.
Any poorly run sports league in existance, except worse.
by Mikey April 07, 2005
to enjoy being urinated on
Nick loves to Brother Charlie on a saturday night
by Mikey December 01, 2004
The process of making bucked teeth and digging the frontmost pair into male anus.
I fancied a felch from Bobby, but instead he gave me a buxx job.
by Mikey December 28, 2003
a name used by ragae singers to degrade fags
"you are the bati man"---Sublime
by Mikey October 16, 2003
The sexiest girl in the world, who also enjoys back door shit.....
Hey Jaquita, wats up baby?
by Mikey May 21, 2003
A vagina with a small penis inside.
Will you suck my fannynob?
by Mikey March 26, 2004