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When you are doing a chic doggy style, you turn your head towards the camera and a double finger gun, as in the opening shots of The Love Boat.
Dude, I was hittin this chick and got the Issac in the video five times
by Mikey April 26, 2005
This place is so ghetto you want to bring a huge gat or you will get shot up(watch your back here huge gangsters)
Yo representing MP 11789
by MIKEY March 07, 2005
When you sit your ass right on the partners nose and blast your diarrhea right up her nose.
Damn, I just noseblasted Michael Colon while having sex
by Mikey August 15, 2004
when the guy in the back seat passenger side of a car, opens the front seat passengers door and the driver pushes him out.
Look at that dead guy by the side of the road. Probably got routine 2ed.
by Mikey November 19, 2003
See sweet. Double the amount of enjoyment.
Thanks mate, double sweet
by Mikey February 05, 2003
Describes a weird or lame situation or object.
did you see that shirt? That stupid sh*t's fungayrinow.

you're funagyrinow, haha.
by mikey April 06, 2005
a name used by ragae singers to degrade fags
"you are the bati man"---Sublime
by Mikey October 16, 2003

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