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95 definitions by Mikey

A wild party girl, claims she never gets drunk but those of us who are best friends with her tend to think otherwise. Knows right from wrong, so she never gets in trouble but shes always into something. Likes to fool around with people, but its all in good fun.
Catelin Victoria loves to party
by Mikey March 11, 2005
This means you are ready to fight rather you know its going down or not
Ronny was walking down the street one day and this dude behind him said "Gimme yo money fool", Ronny was fight ready and turned around with his fist up. Jab to a hook the crock
by mikey December 12, 2004
Short lazy form of "don't worry"
hey man cops are over there be careful
"dun worr"
by mikey May 31, 2004
When everything is a complete waste of time!
God working at wants is a total bunch of cluffle!

Jesus christ what a load of cluffle!
by Mikey April 20, 2004
adjective describing somebody who isn't looking too good.
'whoa.. you're a wreck man!'
by mikey May 16, 2004
P-Van is a place were parties happen and ya-yo and mad blunts are blazed...the owner of this troy troy
remember the day wen we blew mad yay and blazed mad blunts at the light kid...-Mike
by Mikey March 15, 2004
a midget
i stupid little truffle picker knocked me in the legs today walking up the stairs
by mikey October 07, 2003