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A bad "band", very bad.
Breene are fucking shit, and adore themselves.
by mikey April 04, 2005
Shockingly, derived from the separate english words "turbo" and "pants." Together this combination yields a description of an adorable girlfriend who can both be exquisite and elegant, yet at the same time fall out of her chair and have trouble walking from place to place.
Look at that beautiful girl walking down the... OH NO, are you ok there turbopants?
by Mikey January 19, 2005
A person under the nick name of hillbilly who goes round kicking shit. Can be related to scouts summercamp's where there is a hike and people called ollie kick big piles of horse shit in the middle of the road. also a great insult.
'your a hillbillyshitkicker,stu,ha ha'
by Mikey November 06, 2004
A woman who has tanned way too many times. She now has orange skin which has a texture similar to that of a leather purse.
Check out the leather handbag behind the bar. I bet she's only 25 but she looks 45.
by Mikey December 13, 2003
Slang for Shredder, one of the villains on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Fo' shizzle it's Shredda!
by Mikey February 19, 2003
to have defecated somewhere
I just grumpied all over the place
by Mikey March 29, 2005
A slang word spoken to children, typically used as a nonsensical method of cheering them up when they're crying. Often can be followed by other slang words. See examples.
"abuga-buga boo coochie coochie coo."

"abuga-buga boo, you're such cute wittle baby."
by Mikey September 16, 2004
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