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95 definitions by Mikey

Synonyms: Scarface Fever, TMC, Gangsteritis.
Rare illness which causes one to believe and or act like Tony "Scarface" Montana. To put oneselves importance above and before that of all others, to have little or no sense of morals, to pick fights with six year olds, to verbally assault women,etc, all without any signs of remorse or regret.
Anothy Torchia has a terminal case of the Tony Montana Complex.
by Mikey January 16, 2005
That stupid sign you see on the front of ambulances
I got run over but luckily there was an ecnalubma there to save my ass
by Mikey January 11, 2004
The response one gives when there is no other response to give. However, it may also be used in any context to substitute anything. May also be substituted with just "badap" or "bap" or multiple "bap"s make be added.
"Me and my boyfriend broke up today."
"Badap bap!"

"My grandma died..."
"Badap bap..."

"I love you!"

"That guy just stole your wallet..!"
"BADAP BAP.. BAP BAP!!!!!!!"
by Mikey March 24, 2004
This is when someone licks someone else's asshole (usually in a circular motion).
Tom gives rim jobs for crack.
by Mikey February 19, 2003
A hair rock band from California that could crank out a sound that would turn goat piss into gasoline from 1978 to 1985. During 1985, David Lee Roth, the lead singer, left the group on unhappy terms. His replacement, Sammy Hagar, made something as potent as Van Halen and pussified it so much that it wasn't even recognizable once the change took place.
Listen to "Hot For Teacher" from the "1984" album, then listen to "Why Can't This Be Love" from the "5150" album. "5150" is the rock equivelant of getting your girlfriend pregnant!
by Mikey July 30, 2005
when a hot steamy load is apllied to a bitches face and she loves it
jenna has a sticky load on herr face and is loving it
by mikey February 18, 2005
where somone hits someone else in the area above the kneecap on the side of the left leg with their own knee. why? because its bloody funny (only if it works)!! the consequense of this will be the other person hopping on one leg shouting swear words,while u and ur m8s r laghing like hell. also some advice: always give a grandad when the other person is noot expecting and make sure u r standing up when doing it. there are adaptions of the grandad like a 'running grandad', the 'spinny' and a 'flying grandad'.
'oi m8 i think u'v got a grandad'!!!!!
by Mikey November 08, 2004