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musical group from the early 1990's who sing that song "More than words can say."
they play that song by alias in that subway commercial
by mikey March 14, 2005
This is when you put your penis between two breasts and thrust until you ejaculate on the person's face.
Thomas titty-fucked his brother Joe's man tits!
by Mikey February 19, 2003
When Banging a girl from behind and on the beach. You spit on her back just before you blow your load and as she turns around you blow it in her face then throw sand in her face and call out,"Sand Csstle Biatch!"
I had to "Sand Castle" that biatch to get her off these nuts.
by Mikey February 17, 2005
To find a small creature and to put it in any hole you have, while singing Stronger by Britney spears
Nick found a bullfrog and proceded to Uncle Jack with it
by Mikey December 01, 2004
Bent, stoned, high.
Hey man are youuuu hungryyyy? I'm so cankled.
by Mikey June 04, 2003
a bad ass mofo who keeps it real on xnetradio.com as well as hellsfury.com
uberfuck pwned your bitch ass.
by mikey June 03, 2004
what comes out of a penis
he gizz on her neck and gave her a pearl necklace
by mikey October 28, 2003

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