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(I know this from experience)
Mikey: Yeah, we broke up.
Dad: Don't worry about it, there's plenty more fish in the sea.
Mikey: Yeah 52% of the world is ladies.
Dad: Well son, now that you've tasted the "forbidden fruit" you'll be chasing your cock for the rest of your life.

*True story*
by Mikey July 23, 2004
A vagina with a small penis inside.
Will you suck my fannynob?
by Mikey March 26, 2004
A dirty, dumbass piece of shit whom everyone pees on.
Saddam Hussein is the pizzant of the world.
by Mikey April 12, 2003
Mogly has got it goin on. He grew up in the jungle in Australia. He is known for many things, consisting of swinging from tree branches, his afro and his jungle call. At lunch he will sit wit all the guys, but near the end he will go into the bathroom and practice his jungle call because he still has hopes that he can return to Australia with this monkey mom.
Watch out for that...tree!
by Mikey March 13, 2005
A symbol that represents hardcore headbangers! Also used in Nazi Germany but doesn't mean you're racist! But I Am
Hey dudes I'm wearing Death's Head, "Cool Mikey, Heil Hitler!".
by Mikey March 12, 2005
Racist term for a black guy. I have no idea why, maybe because there are guys called "Bootblacks" that shine shoes.
Yesterday i got robbed by a couple of boots.
by Mikey March 01, 2005
a protective coating for your car.
I waxed my car today so the elements would not destroy the paint.
by Mikey March 19, 2005

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