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I happen to be a juggalo, BUT I am going to write this fairly and maturely:
First off, what is a juggalo? Well that's a hard question. It really almost can't be described. It's a feeling, a state of mind. It's a way of life almost. Juggalos don't give a fuck what people think about them and are completely true to themselves. I've seen emo juggalos, goth juggalos, and even gay juggalos.
The only excpetion is racist juggalos. There is no such thing as a racist juggalo because one of the fundamental "laws" of the juggalo is that they can not hate anyone for gender, age, size, race, or preferences.
Also, I think saying all juggalos are 13-year-old wiggers who can't spell is rather wrong. Sure, many can be immature, but hell anyone from any group can be immature. As for "wiggers" not all juggalos act like "gangsters" and juggalos are of many ethnicities.
Another of the fundamental "laws" of the juggalo is to always respect every other juggalo and treat them like family, whether you got a beef with them or not. While this rule is often bent and/or broken, many juggalos follow this rule strictly.
However, one of the biggest misconceptions about the juggalos is that people think they do whatever ICP tells them. That's not a juggalo, that's a sheep, and those people, frankly, have no life. Hell, I listen to Eminem a bit, and I have an 8 Mile movie poster. Does that make me fake? No! And anyone that thinks it does can suck my balls off! But anyways, I'm starting to ramble here soo yeh...
~Also, Juggalos are NOT ICP fans.~ ICP refer to themselves as juggalos meaning they can't be fans of themselves. (Well, I guess technically they could, but still...)
The Juggalo also believes in the "prophecy of the Dark Carnival." While this is highly debated about being far-fetched, if you ignore the Carnival mask of it, the 6 Jokers Cards make sense and are meaningful.
And for the record, juggalos happen to not wear facepaint every day (I wear it only on special occasions like Halloween or parties), and most of us are normal people and actually pretty cool and funny.
In conclusion, let's not steteotype juggalos. There IS no stereotype because the whole point of "juggalism" is being yourself. The "stereotypical" juggalo is more commonly known as a fake and a sheep. And just because someone is a juggalo doesn't mean that he/she is a freak. Why not try to talk to us and see for yourself sometime?

Note: There is no such thing as a juggalette. Juggalo is a uni-sex term. Juggalette was probably made up by some dumb feminist bitch who said Juggalo was sexist and threatened to sue ICP or something.
Guy 1: Hey look at that weird ass kid over there! What a nerd!

Guy 2: Do you even know him?

Guy 1: No, but he's a fucking juggalo! I heard other juggalos call him Twitchy! What a fag! I bet he smokes dope and is poor and ditches school everyday!

Guy 2: Dude, he's actually a pretty cool guy, and he happens to be middle class, straight-edge, and gets B's...

Guy 1: Well still...

Guy 2: Just shut up.
by MikehtheFreak March 12, 2006

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