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1 definition by Mikeeemike

V. to negate another person who is expressing to you a good situation or experience in his or her life by providing an equivalent but meaningless counter.

Adj. Used to describe someone who often cuevos others.
Example A (telephone conversation)
Person 1: Hey (friend/family member), you will not believe the breathtaking view from my hotel room, I can even smell the water from here.

Person 2: O that's nice. Well we just came back from our vacation and our hotel was rated number 1 by traveler's magazine.
Person 1: Why do you always have to be so cuervo?

Example B Person 2 calls Person 1
Person 1: Hey John, I can't really talk, I am about to go to Ruth Chris's Steakhouse.
Person 2: O that's nice, I just came back from lunch at Morton's steakhouse.

Person 1: Why do you always have to cuervo me?

My biggest pet peeve are people who are cuervo.
by Mikeeemike June 04, 2011