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A dreamkiller is she who kills your dream of becoming a success; more specifically your dream of becoming a great business success. She's often a friend, family, co-worker, fellow group member, or well wisher. She's a snake in disguise, because she's ready to unleash her venom that drains the life from your dreams and plans.

"Women are dreamkillers".

"Visualize this... you're building your own business. You're also dreaming of becoming a great business success. In the process of building your own business, you're also putting in long hours and working very hard. You're also saving every nickel and dime, and sacrificing a lot. Then you meet a woman, you fall in "love", and suddenly your judgment is clouded. There are exceptions to every definition, of course, but, more often than not, if you let the typical woman enter your life, sooner or later she will pressure you to spend more time with her, and put an end to those long hours at work. She will also pressure you to get things for her, and drain your cash reserves to the point that your business will suffer greatly and fail. She is a dreamkiller because she drains the life from your business, and kills your dream of becoming a great business success."
by MikeWilliams May 10, 2008

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