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An person who's Ignorantly snubbish or has total disregard for knowledge.
Henry Gyrich is a total Jackclown who could do anything to get on The Avengers' bad side because he even revokes their priority status after taking issue with the team especially The Falcon.
by Mikekal August 23, 2009
A combination between Zeal and Kindness.

The state of being the fervor or tireless devotion for a person, cause, or ideal and determination in its furtherance.


Full of zeal, ardent, fervent, Affectionate, benevolence,
Favorable, mild, gentle, and forgiving.
I have done my Poetry with pure Zealness.
by Mikekal July 25, 2009
A decisive business in Wall Street.
Some other corporations will try to Smackup to a higher level.
by Mikekal July 19, 2009
A word between a mixture of Rape & Brainwash, meaning that someone's being molested and mind controlled into serving some deviant person or a cult.
Patty Hearst was being Rapewashed long time ago by the so-called "Symbionese Liberation Army".
by Mikekal October 27, 2010
The total opposite of degenerate.


Ingenerate (comparative more ingenerate, superlative most ingenerate)

1. To be rich and be all high & mighty, none to be amoral, having none generous or humble qualities.


ingenerate (plural ingenerates)

One is ingenerate, who has a total selfish stature.


to ingenerate (third-person singular simple present ingenerates, present participle ingenerating, simple past and past participle ingenerated)

(intransitive) (of humans or systems) having none generous or humble qualities;
Spencer Pratt is an Ingenerate S.O.B.
by Mikekal October 18, 2009
The Axon Theory is kind of the video game versions of Jupming the Shark and Nuking the Fridge, it means that a Video Game series that has gone into major crappy meltdown.
Mortal Kombat Armageddon was the lameest 7th sequel to hit the video game shelves because of the lame fataitlies they have < so I considered this as a part of "The Axon Theory". I also name this word after one of the hoverboards in "Unreal Tournament 3".
by Mikekal August 27, 2009
A combination between humility and generosity.


The characteristic of being humble, good breeding, and nobility of stock.
President Obama Shows more Humilosity that the Republicans don't have.
by Mikekal July 25, 2009

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