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One who plays the Wii too much.
Ever since she got that Wii video game, she's been playing it 24/7. She's a total Friik
by MikeGr April 04, 2008
One who is addicted to the Wii.
Ever since he got that dang Wii video game he's been playing 24/7. He's a total WiiFriik
by MikeGr April 04, 2008
An accurate description of At&t's Cingular wireless service.
Dude: Dude, I can't hear what you're saying. You're breaking up. Who's your cell phone with?

Other Dude: Uh, At&t. There is no signal!

Dude: Duuuude! You mean Cinglebar! Dude! No wonder!
by MikeGr April 04, 2008

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