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The only thing more annoying than her is the people who think she's the best. They must be Vanilla Ice fans. Only a couple of definitions can describe this idiotic, untalented poser:

1. Manufactured product who only makes news and gains fans by dissing others and trying to be unique when that ain't the case.
2. The female Vanilla Ice.
3. A wannabe trying to fit in but never can.
4. This generation's Vanilla Ice.
5. Somebody who tries to distance herself from REAL music like Eminem and David Bowie.
6. Today's Vanilla Ice.
7. An artist whose music belongs in the category of shit cuz it ain't rock nor pop.
8. An artist that rekindles memories of Vanilla Ice.
9. An artist that unfairly gains attention when Canada produces much better artists like Inessence, Bif Naked, and especially Shawn Desman.
10. Something that makes people want to play a Vanilla Ice record because her music is that bad.\

See Vanilla Ice
Uneducated fan: I gotta check out Avril Lavigne, she's the new thing in music.
Educated fan: BS.
Uneducated fan: She sells record and has got fans.
Educated fan: So did Vanilla Ice.
Uneducated fan: Yeah, well Vanilla Ice was good.
Educated fan: Shoots uneducated fan!
by MikeFullman May 03, 2007
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