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Another term for HIV.

Used by unintelligent people because they do not know the correct term.
Darnel, did you sleep with that fat cow MooLeesha?

"Hell yeah, she was giving it away. She ain't got no HIB or nothin', so what's the big deal?"
by mike49677 January 14, 2012
Refers to the extremely large number of young females who choose to have baby(ies) so that they never have to work and so that they can live on welfare for as long as possible. Usually, they come from a mother, who has lived her whole life in this same manner.
Velveeta decided to get pregnant so that she can move out of her mom's place and get a HUD and all those welfare benefits. What would you expect though--she's definitely a part of Generation W.
by mike49677 September 05, 2011
(v) when a scum bag, who deserves to killed, dies by an unknown assailant

In reference to Dexter Morgan, the protagonist on the hugely popular Showtime series "Dexter."
I can't believe that they are prosecuting George for killing Trayvon.

I know, it was just a matter of time before someone would have Dexter Morgan'd his punk ass.
by mike49677 January 11, 2013
When posting to an internet discussion forum, it is another way to say "bitch and moan" without having the words be scrambled by the "offensive language" sensors or having the posting refused altogether because of "offensive language."
I was trying to rant about how much Obama likes to whine and blame others, but the site wouldn't let me post the phrase: "bitch and moan."

"Just use "mitch and boan" instead; people will know what you mean and why you had to post it that way."
by mike49677 November 10, 2012
(n) Refers to human males who act like feral / wild animals; especially in reference to their sexual activity.
I just drove by the welfare office and there must be 500 women in line and 3000 children with them...what in the heck is up with that?

"Welcome to Houston, Texas ...those welfare hoes & their welfare babies are the result of all of the Ferals that run amok here."
by mike49677 July 05, 2012
A combination of the words "groom" and "bridesmaid"

In a gay wedding, it is a jovial term for a "groomsman."
At Elton John's wedding, wasn't Richard Branson one of the groomsmaids?
by mike49677 July 07, 2011
a female who votes, based on emotion and/or her "crush" on a particular candidate and not based on any facts, policies, etc. of a politician.
I went to the Obama rally with my girlfriend. I've never seen so many twat voters in my entire life. They were gushing over him like he was their favorite vibrator.
by mike49677 October 26, 2012

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