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42 definitions by Mike49677

Acronym for "Piece of Shit" and "President of the United States"
Did you hear that Obama wants 10 trillion more dollars to give to his lazy, baby-hatchery, inner city, welfare-4-life moms and feral baby-daddies?

What a scumbag! No wonder those t-shirts with his picture and "POS POTUS" are selling like hot-cakes.
by MIKE49677 October 20, 2013
(v) when a scum bag, who deserves to killed, dies by an unknown assailant

In reference to Dexter Morgan, the protagonist on the hugely popular Showtime series "Dexter."
I can't believe that they are prosecuting George for killing Trayvon.

I know, it was just a matter of time before someone would have Dexter Morgan'd his punk ass.
by mike49677 January 11, 2013
When posting to an internet discussion forum, it is another way to say "bitch and moan" without having the words be scrambled by the "offensive language" sensors or having the posting refused altogether because of "offensive language."
I was trying to rant about how much Obama likes to whine and blame others, but the site wouldn't let me post the phrase: "bitch and moan."

"Just use "mitch and boan" instead; people will know what you mean and why you had to post it that way."
by mike49677 November 10, 2012
a female who votes, based on emotion and/or her "crush" on a particular candidate and not based on any facts, policies, etc. of a politician.
I went to the Obama rally with my girlfriend. I've never seen so many twat voters in my entire life. They were gushing over him like he was their favorite vibrator.
by mike49677 October 26, 2012
A male who intentionally impregnates a number of different baby mammas so that he can split the welfare benefits from each of them, which enables him to gross thousands of dollars per month in free Government handouts and via scams run by using the children's Social Security numbers.
I just ran into Trayvon at WalMart. He must have had at least $1000 worth of steak in his shopping cart! Where does he work to afford all of that?

"He doesn't work. He's welfare rich and a proud member of The Obama 47%. He's got 8 kids by 4 different baby mammas and they all get $700 a month in food stamps. Plus, they sell the kids Social Security numbers to working relatives so they can get more back in their tax returns. And, they run an Earned Income Credit scam every April to get over $5,000 back from the IRS."
by mike49677 September 27, 2012
Refers to the 47% of the population that will vote for President Barack Obama, no matter what he says or does, because the majority of them are unintelligent, on Government assistance / welfare; emotionally enamored with Obama; African American; etc.

They consist, primarily, of uneducated people who don't work and thus, do not care about the economy, foreign policy, or the health of the United States in general.

All that they primarily are concerned about, is that they receive their food stamps; free HUD housing; other Government assistance; etc.
I hope that Mitt Romney can beat Obama, but it's going to be hard to do since the President has The Obama 47 in his pocket.

"I agree. With all those welfare whores, drug dealers, ex-cons, scam artists, and fat white women following him like lemmings, it going to be hard to pull an upset victory."
by mike49677 September 19, 2012
Another term for HIV.

Used by unintelligent people because they do not know the correct term.
Darnel, did you sleep with that fat cow MooLeesha?

"Hell yeah, she was giving it away. She ain't got no HIB or nothin', so what's the big deal?"
by mike49677 January 14, 2012