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A Japanese made car (Toyota, Honda, etc.) filled up with Mexicans; Hispanics; etc. (Mexicans are referred to as "beaners", as their diet is often made up of beans and tortillas). Rice is a main staple of the Japanese diet, so many of Japanese-based items have a rice moniker associated with that item (e.g.: "rice-burner" refers to a fast Japanese car).
As we were driving through Juarez my brother said: "Check out the rice and beans next to us." I looked out to see a Toyota Corolla pack full of the locals.
by mike49677 February 21, 2010
A prison for woman inmates.
Whatever happened to Barb after she got caught shoplifting again?

"They finally sent her away. She's at the doll house upstate. Won't get out for 2 years."
by mike49677 April 16, 2014
To do something that is incredibly stupid.
Short for "ignorant nigger."
What did Trayvon get arrested for?

"Robbing a bank. His get-away car ran out of gas 4 blocks from the bank.

"LOL. What an ig-nig!
by mike49677 December 15, 2013
Refers to the colorful suits that brothers (blacks) love to wear, in order to be stylish or to stand out.
Refers to the colorful suits that brothers (blacks) love to wear, in order to be stylish or to stand out.
Did you see LeBron at the NBA Draft?

"Yeah -- man was that one cool jungle-suit that he had on! What color was that -- banana yellow?"
by mike49677 November 23, 2013
What a white person "hears" when a black person asks him to get them a sandwich.
Can someone tell me where I can find 'Sam Itch' ?"

"No one by that name works here. Who told you that he was down here?"

LeBron asks me to come down here and get Sam Itch.

"He probably said for you to come down here and get him a "sandwich" -- they're over there in the refrigerator. He usualy gets a ham & cheese."
by mike49677 November 23, 2013
A males crotch / groin area.
Why isn't Derek playing short-stop?

"He was, but then a ground ball bounced up and hit him in the 'downtown business district' -- if you know what I mean -- and he had to come out of the game."

by mike49677 November 22, 2013
A Mexican, Central American, Hispanic, etc. female who is pregnant. Mexicans are often referred to as "beaners" (because they eat beans and tortillas) and "pod" refers to the fact that the woman is pregnant (pea pod).
Immigration caught 15 illegals outside of El Paso, with several of the women being bean-pods.
by Mike49677 February 21, 2010

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