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Westchester is the county directly North of NYC. the bronx is right to the south. Basically, there are many different sections that are very different:

This list basically goes from S to N:

-Yonkers, Mt. Vernon, New Rochelle- These are the 3 biggest cities in Westchester, and are generally racially and financially diverse. The most gangsta of the county. Alot of chill people but getting worse with gangs. New Ros beast and has New Roc City. Im from Mt. Vernon- so its best. ANd yonkers is really big.

-Bronxville, Scarsdale, Eastchester, Crestwood,Pelham: Rich Southern Westchester towns. Extremely rich and snobby and pretty annoying. Kids either try to be ghetto or are proud of their wealth and wear kacki shorts and wear button down shirts, or like abercrombie and stuff like that.

-Greenburgh-Middle and Southern Westchester.
Greenburgh- Tarrytown, ELmsford, Hastings, Dobbs Ferry, Ardsley: Diverse, but separated by village. Tarrytowns and ELmsford are the coolest- diverse, some gangs and stuff, mainly cool kids. THen the Hudson towns other than Tarrytown are pretty rich and artsy but not really snobby.

-White Plains- Probably coolest part of Westchester. Malls, transportation center, diverse, something for everyone. Like a mini-Manhatten (45ish story buildings) Still cant compare to NYC though.

-Mt PLeasant- Surrounded by Greenburg White Plains and kinda Ossining. Contains Hawthorne Valhalla Sleepy Hollow Thornwood, andPleasantville. Basically the last good place. Its basically working and middleclass. Mix of whites and hispanics. Sleepy Hollow is very Hispanic, and has some well off areas, so does Pleasantville. Overall cool kids and some gangs. Hawthorne nd hollow are prob the best.

-Briarcliff and Chappaqua- Really rich and annoying. More preppy and spread out rich than Bronxville and stuff. Its kinda rurally suburba. Chappaqua is alot more annoying then Briarclffe. They both mad jewish and rich.

Then theres Ossining and Mt. Kisco. The 2 last cool towns. Mt. Kiscos becoming bigger and pretty diverse. Ossinings on the Hudson, and Mt. Kiscos got a lot of new stores and attractions. Ossining gets a lil annoying but overall good.

-Northern WC and Peekskill-
Peekskills the only last city in the county, and ill defend em by saying they aint upstate.
Westchester can be cool in some areas: MV, YO, NR, WP, GB, MP, OS

ANd wack in others: BxVl, Scrdl, rye
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by Mike003 June 11, 2007
Hawthorne NY- working or middle class hamlet in westchester ny. next to valhalla, thornwood, white plains, elmsford, sleepy hollow, and pleasantville. mainly white trash kids and some hispanic kids. rivals with pleasantville and valhalla.
I live in hawthorne.
#hawthorne #thornwood #valhalla #elmsford #sleepy hollow #mt pleasant #yonkers #white plains #new york #westchester #nyc
by Mike003 June 11, 2007
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