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Big fish in a small pond...the locals have nothing going for them except for the fact that they're the biggest province in Canada, with Toronto the largest city in the country. But when you compare with the USA, where there's at least a dozen cities larger and cooler than T Dot (yup, those wankers actually call it that), and when you consider the fact that California has more people than Canada...being the largest province of this northern nation isn't that special after all. At least Vancouver's got decent cannabis and 4 ski resorts half an hour from downtown.

And for some reason, Ontarians also have this strange idea that their little Toronto and it's phallic CN tower can compare to New York. Don't ask me why.

Anyway, I went there once and I swear the only reason people are so rude is to pretend that they're in a hurry, like New Yorkers.
Yeah I'm under 21 and live in Buffalo...I drive over the border to Ontario when I'm need of a good beer. Nothing else to see up there though except for niagara falls...haha we've got our own, so screw them Canadians.
by Mike0006 September 04, 2006

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