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A character on the Phil Hendrie Show. He is a retired but “vertical” TV and movie producer who enjoys upwards of 4 fingers of Cutty and can never find himself some damn ice. Frank has a problem where he confuses his genders. He will refer to straight men and women as she for males and him for females, but he switches them when he talks about people he thinks are queer. So the genders are correct for that exception.
Frank Gray would say:
"Paris Hilton is buffing up for his new role. He is unhappy with his chest and buttocks."
"Where is the G.D. Ice?"
"Elton john recently preformed with Eminiem. Boy is HE queer.
by Mike-chips May 12, 2006
Used at the end of others names to make greeting or talking to someone more interesting. 2. it can just be used in random occasions just to get pumped up. 3. It can also be used as an add on to most any object.
1. Rip Hamil-CHIPS! just drained a three!
who is coming over? Joe Woodchips!!!!
3. I need to buy me a new HD TV-CHIPS.
by Mike-chips May 12, 2006

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