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1 definition by Mike the Bald

To cheat at somthing, make excuses about said cheating, and then ultimately lie about said cheating.

Refers to Floyd Landis of cycling fame who won the 2006 Tour de France, failed a drug test, blamed the failed drug test on beer, whiskey, dehydration and his natural body, only to find that the failed drug test contained synthetic testoserone, to which Landis replied, "Whatchou Talkin' Bout Willis?"
Jimmy: "Read 'em and weep, assholes, FOUR ACES!"

Ben: "Um, I have a pair of aces, how do you have four?"

Jimmy: "Maybe this was one of those crazy six-ace deck of cards you hear about? Maybe there was a printing error at the factory? Maybe someone put two decks of cards back mixed up? I really don't know how it happened, but I am clearly the strongest poker player at the table this hand!"

Ben: "You fucking Landis!"
by Mike the Bald August 05, 2006
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