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A Canadian tyrant; a British Columbia politician who does not know the meaning of fairness; a mean-spirited Liberal leader that wants to dismantle anything public, such as education and health care, so private companies can make a profit which is done at the cost of losing the quality systems that BC is famous for; a man who arbitrarily makes laws to suit the sole needs of his government's agenda and not the people he works for; a leader that uses his legislative hammer to crush organized labour without regard for what is actually fair and reasonable.
1) Q -"John, how come you are making 14.50 an hour when last year you made 17 doing the same work?"
A - "Well, Janet, we took a wage rollback a year after we negotiated a contract with the Campbell government. We also have to work an extra hour, which was not part of the agreement. Must be nice to have the legal right to rip up any contracts you agreed to."
"Dang, John, you've been Campbelled by cuts!"

2) Q - "Jeff, why are you teachers on strike?"
A - "Because we have not had a contract for a year and a half, then the Campbell government imposed a contract on us that we did not agree to. Since we now "had" a contract we were deemed to be striking illegally. The government gave us no pay increase, and no changes to class sizes, among other things. I have 42 students in my PE class, and 35 in my Chem 12 class. How is that fair for student learning conditions? Heck, just give me a lecture hall and a microphone and I'll teach 300 kids - I just hope they don't need help."

"Wow, Jeff, the Liberals say they want the best education system and they appreciate teachers' work. Sounds more like you've been Gordon Campbelled."

"Exactly why we're on strike, and why all the other unions in this province will be on strike."
by Mike de Jong October 15, 2005

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