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Arabic for "lets go"
Hey, Saddam "yella, yella" I hear something overhead, oops nevermind we're fucked!!
by Mike Temp March 08, 2003
A word meaning disgust or "oh boy here we go again" Similar to "cornondakoks"
(Mom speaking) Billy, now I don't want to hear another word, we aren't going to see that movie!!! But maaaaaahhhm, "NOT ANOTHER WORD!!" OH KATALYVOSH, CORN-ON-DA-KOKS!!!
by Mike Temp March 08, 2003
Male genitalia aka: cock, penis, dick, pole, tube steak et al.
She likes to suck my "dizzo" my tizzo and my finger!!
by Mike Temp March 08, 2003
A slut who just likes to fuck, doesn't matter where or who, she just likes a fat cock, not necessarily in da pooper, it just sounds better to call her a "buttwhore"
Hey guys!! Are we going out to Lipsticks or Wild Woody's tonight? I'd really like to hook up with a "buttwhore"
by Mike Temp March 08, 2003

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