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A D.H.C. is an acronym for "domesticated house cat". It is used to classify a once man-lion who is now tamed by his girlfriend".
Ever since he got a girlfriend, he's been such a D.H.C.
by Mike Scenery April 05, 2010
An alternate definition for funneling a beer. Tamed geese are fed by tubes being placed down their throats to pump corn and other sources of food into their stomachs. However, from now on, when you want to funnel a beer, you refer to it as Goose Feeding.
Are we goose feeding tonight? I'm down to get some beers in me.

Who wants to feed the goose!?
by Mike Scenery June 06, 2011
Essentially means "great hair". The first account of slee was shoulder length, and has spread into various styles. Male celebrities of high stature tend to have great slee.
In Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio has great slee, but the best of all time might just be Brad Pitts blond locks in a 1991 Levis Jeans commercial.
by Mike Scenery April 06, 2010

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