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A poo that once leaving the anus, drops with such force (creating a 'poo wash') that it manuvers its way round the ubend. Thus, flushing itself without conventional methods required.
"Holy fuck Jake, I just did a self flushing poo"
"No way!, let me see your bowl skids"
by Mike Raphael April 28, 2007
After a night of drinking disgustingly cheap and rubbish alcopops, and various other mixtures of alcoholic drinks. The runny poo that follows in the morning. See also, Beeriod.
"Georgie, get out of the toilet I have to release some alco-plops"

"Mum get a towel I just shit my bed"
by Mike Raphael April 28, 2007
When a poo hits the water to at such an angle that the water splash back cleans your pooy anus and surrounding gooch. Cleaning so you don't have to.
"Angus D, I just did the most efficient process known to man!"


"No, a poo wash"

"You lucky fucking cunt"
by Mike Raphael April 28, 2007
A shot of gin, with a small hint of Lea & Perrins. Consumed in one go. Can also be a 'shit finger' when using tabasco sauce.

Origins of first invention trace back to the 'Nutshell' pub, in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk of England. The pub is one of the smallest in the UK.
"Shut up Jamel you nigger, and take a poo finger"

"Can I please have £20s worth of shit fingers, then hand them round the bar to all these old people reading papers"
by Mike Raphael April 28, 2007

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