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2 definitions by Mike Patrick Kowall

Being stoned, drunk, crazy, wild, unpredictable or generally down for a good time at any time. Good times. Originated by Brock Damien McGinnis of Ormond by the Sea Florida.
"Man I'm stoned to the chromosomes, x and y."
"Wutsup cromoman?" "Cromosapien, what's happening?" "Gettin' cromo!"
by Mike Patrick Kowall October 20, 2008
4 2
A chubby or rotund person. A portly baby or toddler that resembles the Michelin Man. A rounded looking animal such as a toad or hedgehog.
You're baby is such a chuggle; I want to smoosh him.
by Mike Patrick Kowall October 20, 2008
7 15