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A guardian responsible for escorting a retarded child or adult in public. Highly alert and well trained, these individuals can sense when their "client" is ready to change from sweet and calm to loud and destructive. Sometimes seen armed with a chair and a whip as tools for establishing control, particularly with emotional downies.
Warren broke free of his handler and began screaming and throwing trays around the restaurant.
by Mike P Kelly February 25, 2007
People with Down Syndrome, known for their freakish strength and emotional outbursts. Accompaniment from a handler is a must with these adorable, yet volatile creatures.
Retarded kids always made Christine laugh, especially the downies.
by Mike P Kelly February 25, 2007
A descriptive term for a docile member of the retarded species. Generally accompanied by a non-retarded guardian or handler these individuals, though often appearing calm and harmless, are not to be trusted with babies or sharp instruments.
Brendan and Ryan watched the Special Olympics and laughed heartily watching the gentle beasts parade past them.
by Mike P Kelly February 25, 2007
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