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A band made up of Claudio Sanchez, Nate Kelley and Jon Carleo. They later changed the line-up slightly when they broke, and became Shabutie.
There is only one song on the internet by Beautiful Loser called Sun Blue. However, this song is leaked and shouldn't be passed around.
#shabutie #coheed and cambria #beautiful loser #claudio sanchez #nate kelley
by Mike O'Malley April 27, 2006
Former Shabutie drummer and is now in a band called Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch.
Nate Kelley is an amazing musician.
#shabutie #nate kelley #pontius pilate sales pitch #drummer #musician
by Mike O'Malley April 27, 2006
One who lubes up their rectum then takes a paper towel tube and slightly shoves it up their ass and then lets a gerbal in the tube and has it crawl around the tube and up your pie hole.
After Ned bought a new gerbal and stripped the toilet paper off the tube we all suspected he was a gerbal hider.
by Mike O'Malley May 22, 2003
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