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1 definition by Mike Naps

A gang of kids from Eastchester. Spades, or SpZ, are ironically from upper class families who have three or four mercedes, BMWs, or other expensive cars parked in the driveways of their million dollar homes. They go around saying that they are going to fight everyone, but when a fight is going to happen they get thirty kids to fight against three. They also tend to fight kids who are significantly smaller than they are, gangsters indeed. Essentially, the Spades are all talk and when they get into a real fight they will all get their asses kicked.
"Yoo Yoo nigga that nigga just called my nigga a pussy. Call up all the Spades so we can jump them." (Keep in mind these kids are actually white)

"Yoo he just pushed Steve, do you have a knife so i can stab him. Spades, SpZ represent."
by Mike Naps April 27, 2008
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