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Uses Accelerators to make them sound like they can play fast. They come to concerts drunk and forget words songs(if you dont believe me go on youtube). Also if you watch the music video for ttfaf you can tell he is not actually playing the amoount of notes that it sounds like he is. Also he needs to get off the effects pedal. And keyboard plays more of the song then guitar.
dragonforce sucks check them out on youtube
#bad #cant play #dragonforce #gay #ttfaf
by Mike Myers April 01, 2008
Leaving a competitive multiplayer game prematurely, effectively abandoning your team mid-game.
Dude, we were having so much fun until that guy pulled a shikkie quit!
#quitting #quitter #abandon #leave #drop
by mike myers January 11, 2015
Getting cock on the road, kinda like road head but gay
Josh got some serious roadcock last nite
#road #roadcock #road head #head #car
by Mike Myers April 03, 2008
A slang word used to describe a woman of Asian decent without making racial slurs.

'Gwen gook'

Can be used with the male slang 'Gary'
"Hey that ping pong show was awesome"

"Yeah Gwen was very talented."

"There is Gwen, gary and their son luke gook."
#gary #gook #asian #woman #vietnamese
by Mike Myers April 01, 2008
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