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Mostly Material Posessions, "Balla' Shit" Can Be Anything From Houses, Clothes, Cars, Expensive Fur Coats, Women, Money, Jewels, Etc.
In The Words Of Dave Chappelle: Ladies & Gentlemen, The first T-Rex the the world has seen in 4 million years is happening in my home! That's the most Balla' Shit ever son!
by Mike Moody December 06, 2006
The Act of Rockstar Parking, only with a more ghetto presence.
Yo Homie, Bust A Bitch! I Just Seen Some Playa Parking In That Handicap Zone!... What Old Lady!?
by Mike Moody December 06, 2006
Today Used In Replacement For The Slang Word "TIGHT"
We rocked that place out, everything was funky and our band was snug, man. We were all feelin' it.

That movie was snug. I loved it.
by Mike Moody December 06, 2006

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