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When one accumulates 25 kills without dying and recieves an overkill in the popular Xbox game Halo 2. Jeff Steitzer comes on and says it very dramatically.
(after player gets his 25th kill without dying) Unfrickenbelievable.
by Mike Montuori May 06, 2005
A combination of "fuck" and congragulations.
Joe- I won
Boe- Congragulfuckulations you son of a bitch.
by Mike Montuori May 07, 2005
Variables in a equation in science related topics.
the fudge factor of of the boiling point is 0.515
by Mike Montuori May 07, 2005
Infection form of the flood from Halo and Halo 2.
Holy crap! Look at that wave of shit weasels! Run!
by Mike Montuori May 06, 2005

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