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Used in a Sienfeld Episode, because Jerry didn't know the name of his date, but he knew it rhymed with a part of the female anatomy.
"Hon, do you love me?"
"MM-hmm... mulva?"


by Mike Mesenbring November 16, 2004
when your computer crashes, press CTRL-ALT-DEL.

This will bring up a program called the "task manager", which freezes all forms of input possible, other than the keys, CTRL, ALT, and DEL.
Did you know that if you press CTRL-ALT-DEL and hold it for a really long time, the task manager will come up several hundred times, thus freezing up your computer even more! Thanks Micro$oft!
by Mike Mesenbring December 09, 2004
power of two: 2 to the 15th.

in binary:

is used in many programming languages
In the QuickBASIC programming language, the only numbers that are normally used are bigger than -32769 and smaller than 32768.
by Mike Mesenbring November 16, 2004
a holy number.

In the bible, when Jesus told the fishermen to cast their nets in a certain spot, they caught 173 fish.

the 17 represents completeness, I think, and the 3 represents the Holy Trinity.
they caught 173 fish.
by Mike Mesenbring November 17, 2004
a really bad way of spelling "notice"
yeah... I knowtissed that.
by Mike Mesenbring November 17, 2004
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