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When someone trys to scam you, or get their way when they are in the wrong, commonly used in driving when someone trys to get in front of you just to slow down or cut you off
"Hey Buddy you chose that lane dont try to yam it and move over"

"This bitch is yamming it, trying to skip a whole lane of traffic and cut into the turning lane at the last second"
by Mike Masarati September 20, 2008
Someone of German ancestry who typically, acts like loser, hates americans, or is just an all around downer, can also be in reference to Jews of german ancestry
"That Yerman is just pissed because american cars wipe the floor with those Yerman piece of crap cars"

"Quit Yamming It you Yerman fuck!"
by Mike Masarati September 20, 2008
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