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Anus goblin. A goblin living within the crevice of ur anus. An insult of the purest idiot.
Donovan: hey
Mike: hey
Donovan: you suck
Mike: your an anus goblin
Donovan: I like cheese.
by Mike Manock February 05, 2005
Wooplah: A word used as a substitution for a forgotten word. Used in most common hick towns. If your in a tight spot with the boss or homies in your hood, just say Wooplah.
In the following examples, you will see the use, and the advantages to using it.
Situation Number One:
Girl: Did you like my parents?
Guy: No They Sucked!
Girl: Bizzatch!! **slap**

Situation Number Two:
Girl: Did you like my parents?
Guy: Yeah, they were very... umm.. Wooplah..
Girl: That sounds like a good thing! Lets go have sex!!
by Mike Manock February 05, 2005
A word I made up whilst ripped. Possibly out of chronic induced thoughts, or my wierd mind. Uracanary is the perfect way to call that special someone a canary.
Girl: I love you
Guy: Uracanary
Girl: What?
Guy: I love you too.
by Mike Manock February 05, 2005
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