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Noun - A homosexual robot
Adj - An exorbitantly gay being with cognitive thought who thinks only of gay things, such as chairs and flowers

Gaybotron is a derrogative term used to describe someone who has exceeded the bounds of gayness, who is pertaining to all of the traits of being a flaming homosexual. Also, a master of Flamboyant Gayness.
Grant: Hey, get off my Dick you pervert, I'm Hetero-sexual!
Roland: Sorry, I guess im just a Gaybotron.
Tyler: Who's that new guy from France that had gay sex with the Janitor?
Jarret: Oh, thats Brundo, the Gay Robot.

Tyler: *sigh* Another Gaybotron?
Shia labeouf: Optimus...where are your pants?
Optimus: Oh-ho-ho my boy, you sure grind my gears.
Shia: Gaybotron...
by Mike Littori August 10, 2009

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