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A male who is successful in ejaculating over a woman while giving her a black eye.

It is something most males wish to achieve while most females are reluctant to allow it to be done to them, usually happening in a non-consenting situation.
I am a thraner there is none better than I!
#thraning #thraner #thrane #sexual #degrading #ftw
by Mike Lawson September 13, 2007
An alternate spelling to the word hore although hore is not frowned upon but rather one is proud to be a hore. A h0re is basicly a dude who gets quite a bit of poon
Man I got some this weekend just gone that makes 21 im such a hore.
#sexual #whore #player #pimp #topdog
by Mike Lawson September 13, 2007
Common mispell of the word cunt. Same meaning but used in a more mocking way generally over a internet messenger.
Hey cuny you smell, your cuny reeks of bad pumpkin h0re
#cunt #sexual #mocking #ftw #nigger
by Mike Lawson September 13, 2007
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