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A person who takes it upon themselves to correct the grammar of not only their close friends but also causal acquaintances, often at the expense of disregarding surrounding circumstances.
"Dude, where was you last night?!? I saw your girl at the club getting all up on some other dude. She totally left with him and his buddy, yelling something about a threesome."

Word Officer:
"Don't you mean, 'where were you last night?'?"

"Dude, who are you? The Word Police??"
by Mike Larkin April 13, 2006
Letting out a huge fart while taking a hot shower. The steam intensifies the effect, making it many times worse than normal, basically baking the smell into the walls, shower curtains, and towels.

This is similar to a Dutch Oven, except much, much, worse, and is a reference to a popular method of execution during the Holocaust.
Dude, I was taking a shower with my girlfriend and I totally German Ovened her. The funny thing is, she's Jewish, so it hit her twice as hard.
by Mike Larkin July 27, 2006
The amount of tolerance a person has for dapping.

Certain individuals who always go for a dap, even for the most mundane accomplishments, have a high dapatite.
Joe went in for some mad props, but Steve's dapatite was so low he just threw Joe a wave.
by Mike Larkin June 07, 2006

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