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Word denoting an obvious truth or agreement.
Person 1 (snow currently falling) : I think it's snowing
Person 2: well, basics!

Person 1: I hear you need a ride, want to hop in with me?
Person 2: Basically, basics!
by Mike Kim June 07, 2006
Fictional (or is it?) auto part that gives engine maximum torque velocity squared with the distance to provide ultimate heat-ness for shreddin'
Just tuned up my binary grip grinders, now the Toyota Supra Classic with Dual overhead cams and spoilers is ready to rip down this joint!
by Mike Kim April 16, 2008
Expressing agreement, you bawlt-ness, or just generally rootin and a'tootin
Person 1: You gonna light up that menthol?

Person 2: Generally speaking money basics! YOU BAWLT!
by Mike Kim April 16, 2008
1: To agree with or comply

2: To express jubilation and general happiness

3: Used in Bowling Green, OH
Person 1: Would you like to drink a bud diesel?
Person 2: You Bawlt!!

Person 1: I just got me a girlfriend!!!!
Person 2: YOU BAWLT!!!!!! BAWLT
by Mike Kim May 02, 2007
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