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interjection, indicating confusion or bewilderment.
What in the fuckedyhell is going on here?
by Mike Kenny February 22, 2005
Any sort of endlessly complicated political, legal, or social maneuver that regular people don't understand.

Since "antidisestablishmentarianism" is a long and complicated word that few know the meaning of, people use it to describe similar concepts.
Dude, I watched the news last night, and there was some major antidisestablishmentarianism going on that I didn't understand.
by Mike Kenny February 22, 2005
an incredibly huge amount. a combination of "assload" and "crapload"
That's a crapassload of stuff you got there, buddy.
by Mike Kenny February 22, 2005
a combination of the words "stop" and "don't," used by women getting tickled who are laughing too hard to speak real words.
Stont! I mean don't!
by Mike Kenny February 22, 2005

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