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Short for Counselor In Training at Chinese Community Center.

1st generation consisted of Hung, Dung, Tim and Mike. Also known as PROS....Skills include mopping skills, CPR certified, Raving skills, too many to name.

2nd generation consist of Hung, Dung, Tim, Derrick, Shuyan. Skills include too many to name.

3rd generation consist of teeny boppers that go to hang out. Skills included none.
example #1
CIT: Hey, go mop the fucking floor!
Boy: Yes sir.

example #2

I remember back in 1998 when it was cool to be a CIT, now it 2005 and it's played out.
by Mike Jones July 02, 2005
used by the military. they are invisable goggles placed on your face without you knowing it when you get combat so that every female you see jump up like 10 points if she was 2 now shes a 15 now because shes the only bitch on the fire base. kind of like beer goggles but worse.
if you were a 3 before you got to iraq and now your a 10 its because your here dont forget that shit when we get back to the states.
by Mike Jones May 27, 2004
it means johnny law in coming
yell (break here come six five)
by mike jones February 16, 2004
a hit of LSD in the 60's. it is not weed. people started calling it weed becasue they thought the jimi song was about weed but infact it is about acid. listen to the lyrics and you can tell that it is about LSD, not weed. some people refer to purple haired weed as purple haze but the real purple haze is LSD. jimi hendrix played every time with 1 hit of acid in each eye, 3 in his bandana, and 1 in his gums
purple haze, all around... dont know, if im COMIN UP OR DOWN.
by mike jones November 08, 2004
a bold asian crazed pothead. thats fat. thats asian bastard.
dumb asian bastard yusef.
by mike jones March 23, 2005
A girl that says she wont do shit, but insists on seeing your cock. Then when you do show her she can't ehlp but show you her best Deep Throat techique.
Paige smith
by Mike Jones June 02, 2004

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