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a large african beast of unknown origins, although it is beleived its base form is known as just allende. if angered its muscles will expand, its body hair will increase and become highly agressive.
friend#1:hey allende
friend#2:ha ha your a loser allende
friend#1:watch out, its transforming
bystander:ITS UMPEDE, UMPEDE!!!
friend#2:run!!its growing!
by mike jones June 15, 2006
Adjective - Describes the area within the mantles of two or more fires
Greg - Hey, the area between these two fires is comantled

Mike - That it is, Greg... That it is
by Mike Jones January 10, 2004
taking the whole dick down the throat.
i got the marvelous last night
by Mike Jones April 15, 2004
Question. For answer see Well you would
Greg is contemplating a goon layback

Greg - Why wouldn't ya?

Mike - Well you would!
by Mike Jones January 10, 2004
A game of Texas Hold Em that will be played all over the world in a few years. Everybody hates a winner, so what better game, than one that rewards a loser.
"Look at this fucking Bruise"

- Mike Jones
by Mike Jones February 09, 2005
someone who will fuck any fat bitch, any other std having bitch.
Josh is the heavy weight champ
by Mike Jones May 24, 2004
Answer to the question Why wouldn't ya?
Greg - So, Head Santa. I seek an answer to the age old question, which has occupied my every thought for these past months. Why wouldn't ya?

Head Santa - Well you would!
by Mike Jones January 10, 2004

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