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When someone proceeds to jump or sit on an unexpected victims face ass first. A hairy ass is prefered in this process.
I planned to yokozuna Justin Feher's face but his caveman senses went off. So I emeriled him and ran like a motha fucker. He McGyvered a club together and proceed to get his swamp donkey sister.
by Mike Johnson January 14, 2004
A man with a 14 inch penis, used in the bibele in jacob3:16

Narf Dangit Kinky Mom?
by Mike johnson March 31, 2003
When someone who is beastly and has a beard or comes from caveman descent has the ability to know when trouble is coming but isn't smart enough to react to it.
Justin Feher's caveman senses went off but he was unable to avoid the emeril shot he took.
by Mike Johnson January 14, 2004
a term used for masterbation, wackin it, jerkin off ect.
Hey mom im guna go take the dog for a walk ill be back in a lillte bit.
by mike johnson March 10, 2005
The hella for those who don't want to say the word hell.
I can't say heck be cause it's hecka bad mojo, and I'll go to heck because my preacher said that Gosh told him so.
by Mike Johnson February 12, 2004

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