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2 definitions by Mike Hunts Softball Team

Engaging in sexual conduct with the ugliest girl (dragon) of a group of women. Pairing off almost naturally occurs for the beautiful woman but nobody is willing to claim the dragon. Generally though has more pervesion and more willing to put out over the more attractive specimens. Is known to lick your butthole, in which case you are told to marry her. Also known as taking one for the team.
Beve: What chicks are we boning tonight?
Parker: Ashley, Whitney, and Cierra
Dallen: I call Cierra!
Parker: Heck no man, your gonna slay the dragon tonight! You get Whitney haha.
Beve: Thats what I'm talkin about! She'll lick your butthole!
by Mike Hunts Softball Team June 25, 2011
11 9
The one girl in a group of friends that isn't quite up to par with the rest. (She's ugly)
Parker: Jacelyn and Kassie are hott, but Amber... she is such a dragon!
Beve: You are totally right man!
by Mike Hunts Softball Team June 25, 2011
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